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What is important to us - There is just one world

The Student Village is a lively home and offers students from all over the world relaxed working conditions and living. Our two student villages have modern facilities and pleasant neighbourhood, where one enjoys living together with fellow students – learn from each other and interact with people from other cultures open-minded and with respect.

We want our resident to be confident and thoughtful human-beings. In times of climate change, the student village stands for ecological construction and renovation in the city, for efficient use of valuable energy resources and natural building materials.

The Team

Board Office and Rental Office

Roswitha Tohermes

Assistant to the CEO
Cooperative 8

Bettina Widner

Press and Public Relations
Schlachtensee 17

Ingrid Hagenauer

Accounting/Assistant to the board
Cooperative 7
Carolin Cesian
Rental Office Adlershof / Office Coordinator
Schlachtensee 14
Laura Resech
Rental Office Schlachtensee
Schlachtensee 16
Lisa-Marie Winkler
Rental Office Schlachtensee
Cooperative 5
Holger Gaedke
Maintenance – Team Leader
Cooperative 6
Florian Hessler
Event Management & Social Media

Facility Management
Cooperative 10

Holger Gaedke, Roman Kirstein, Daniel Naffin, Mario Wiedenbeck

Schlachtensee 15

Annette Reutter, Tibisay Del Mieller-Rengel, Brigitte Römer, Loida Marquard, Fikrie Sadak, Suzan Hasan, Magdalena Degenkolb, Lydia Balbin Krohn, Ha Le Thi Thu, Lucila Rozek, Thi Minh Ly Franke, Glenda Jurado-Krieger

The Management

Board of directors
Cooperative 12

Andreas Barz
Urban planner and Business Administrator

CEO, Spokesman Schaustelle Nachkriegsmoderne, director IBZ

Andreas Barz was appointed CEO in September 2004. His responsibilities include the refurbishment, strategy, Public Relations and HR. Alongside his work, he is involved in various publications regarding the architecture of post-war modernism.

Cooperative 11

Jens-Uwe Köhler

CFO, General Manager Studentendorf Adleshof GmbH, director IBZ

Jens-Uwe Köhler is part of the management team since the foundation of the cooperation in 2002 and is responsible for Finance and Operations. Prior to this Jens-Uwe Köhler was involved in the student self administration and manager of the club A 18.

Cooperative 1

Petra Resech
Director Rental Office

Member of the board

Cooperative 16
Christa Markl-Vieto
Chairwoman,  City Councilor (ret.), former manager Club A18, former resident
Cooperative 14
Dchi-Young Yoon
Director ERG Universtitätsservice GmbH
Cooperative 15
Christian Schöningh
Architect and project developer
Cooperative 17
Annika Bühring
Student, member of the student self administration
Cooperative 13
Wolfgang Christoph
Director s-inn Projekt AG, General Manager Studentendorf Adlershof GmbH

Facts and Figures


Founding of the Cooperative Studentendorf Schlachtensee eG with the aim to preserve the Studentendorf

Initial negotiations with the state of Berlin regarding the acquisition of the Studentendorf


Acquisition of the Studentendorf by the cooperative


Start of the modernization of the Studentendorf


Transfer of the village to the Swiss Pensionsstiftung CoOpera Sammelstiftung PUK, lease contract was agreed upon


Completion of restoration works of houses 4, 8, 20, 21 (Autzen und Reimers architects)


The management team of the cooperative becomes director of the IBZ Berlin


Festival celebrating the completion of restauration of houses 9,10, 22, 23


Completion of restration of houses 2,12, 13, 17


  • Staff: 30
  • Members cooperative: 110
  • Units Studentendorf Schlachtensee: 900
  • Units Studentendorf Adlershof: 386
  • Units IBZ: 78
  • Shareholding Studentendorf Adlershof (25%)

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