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Affordable Student Housing in Berlin

Studentendorf Berlin offers furnished flat shares for students in two locations
Studying in Berlin? Our student housing gives you an on-campus experience. We have several different shared housing options. Our campuses also provide an international community, socialising and lots of fun extras. Check below for our current offers.
Housing in Schlachtensee
Schlachtensee student room Category A 8
Schlachtensee Category A
  • fully furnished
  • 6 roommates
  • 2 shared bathrooms
  • fully equipped kitchen and common space
From 507,51 €
Schlachtensee student room Category B
Schlachtensee Category B
  • fully furnished
  • 4 – 8 roommates
  • bathrooms shared or private
  • fully equipped kitchen and common space
From 459,72 €
Schlachtensee Kategorie C
Schlachtensee Category C
  • Single room
  • Own room with approx. 10 sqm
  • Common space with approx. 7 sqm
  • fully furnished
  • shared with 16 roommates
  • Bathroom shared with 8 roommates
  • fully equipped kitchen
From 288,16 €
Schlachtensee Room Category A 5
Flat with friends
  • fully furnished
  • a group of six students or three couples get together
  • includes all additional costs such as electricity, heating and Wifi.
From 2.700 €
Housing in Adlershof
Student room Adlershof 1
Adlershof student room
  • fully furnished
  • private bathroom
  • 13 roommates
  • fully equipped kitchen and common space
From 529,43 €

On-campus extras:

affordable student room
student club
music and project rooms
resident participation
bicycle rental

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