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Friday, June 28, 2019 20:00
House 4

Singer-/Songwriter-BBQ feat. ABSTRAK JAZ (Canada)

Singer-/Songwriter-BBQ feat. ABSTRAK JAZ (Canada)


ATTENTION: We have changed the location from House 25 to House 4 (Community Garden)!


We’ll set up a grill for BBQ and invite a live artist. You bring your own food and drink. Then we party. Easy, eh?


The Artist:

Jasmine Lajeunesse aka ABSTRAK JAZ is originally from Montreal, Canada. Currently based in Berlin, she’s been a traveling musician, singing and playing around the world for 6 years. She stands out with her deep and soulful melodies, harmonies & jazzy voice. Beginning at a young age, she learned the basics of musical theory and harmony, which began a tumultuous love-affair with music.

Since 2013 she has been touring around the world, playing in streets, bars, hotels, cafés and restaurants of Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, gaining experience and skills along the way, and learning from the incredible musicians that crossed her path. Currently she loves performing for the people in the streets of Berlin.

Last year she released her first album “Dreams|Reality” which explores the duality between the two seemingly polar opposites. To overcome this, she plans on changing the world by inspiring people to believe in their dreams and challenging the very concept of reality.

If you listen to her beautiful singing, you will wholeheartedly agree on that plan! Promise!



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