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Support and six helping hands – the new dorm tutors

Three dormitory tutors are now working in the Studentendorf Schlachtensee: Anni, Jana and Felix. They are an international team, live in the village themselves and are happy to pass on their experiences and tips to you.

Their job is to support new roommates with all questions that life in your own student room and the German bureaucracy bring with it.

In the same way, the three tutors are at your side for everyday things in the student village: meet new people, explore the city of Berlin, organize events, find like-minded people (running, learning, culture, cooking…).

They are happy to help you, for example, with questions concerning the rental office, with apartment registration and radio fees, and they can also settle a dispute from time to time.

Anni, Jana and Felix do their best to show you what the student village and what Berlin has to offer!

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