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IMPORTANT: new official measures against the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19)

In view of the rapid spread of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) during the last few days the federal government of Germany in accordance with the prime ministers of the federal states has decided on the following directives to prevent an uncontrollable rise of infections and to keep up the efficiency of the German health care system.


The Federal Government and the federal states agree on an upgrading of the guidelines for limiting social contact originally agreed on on March 12th:

  1. Citizens are urged to limit the contacts to people outside their own households to an absolute minimum.
  2. A 1.5-meter (4.9 feet) distance should be kept at all times when in public. Exceptions are the people specified above (families & members of household).
  3. Public gatherings of more than two people not belonging to the same family or household will be banned.
  4. Commuting to work, helping others, shopping, going to the doctor, attending necessary meetings, appointments and exams and exercising alone outside will still be permissible, as long as the activities are carried out in abidance with the guidelines.
  5. Due to the grave situation in the country celebrating and partying in groups, whether in public or private spaces and flats, is inacceptable. Violations against these limitations of contact will be controlled and penalized by regulatory authorities and the police.
  6. Gastronomy businesses must close. Businesses offering food delivery and collection will be allowed to remain open.
  7. Service providers such as hair-dressers, cosmetic, massage and tattoo studios where a 2-meter distance between people is not possible must also close. Businesses and centers offering medical treatments may remain open.
  8. All businesses and services, especially those still open to the public, have to strictly follow hygiene regulations and implement effective measures of protection for staff and visitors.
  9. All of the above measures shall remain in effect for at least the next two weeks.


(Source: Federal Government)


Please follow these rules to slow down the spread of the virus! Thank you!

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