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Gym stays closed until further notice

Gym stays closed until further notice


We’re sorry to announce that the gym at the Studentendorf cannot be reopened yet. This is due to the fact that although gyms in Berlin are allowed to open again since June 2nd, we can’t guarantee that the very strict hygiene regulations that go along with this permission will be observed. To make sure that only the permitted number of people is using the room at the same time, that the minimum distance of 3m between gym users is kept, that the equipment is disinfected after each use, that access to the equipment is controlled in a use and cleaning plan and that a record of attendance is kept, with information for contact tracing of the gym users, we would need at least one member of staff doing nothing else but that all day. This would even be impossible in normal times, let alone in the current economic situation that has hit us hard, and with most of our staff being in short-time work.

We’re very sorry about this and kindly ask for your understanding. Please take the opportunity to do sports outside, make use of our great garden and the possibilities that are nearby. But when doing so please also keep the appropriate distance to each other. The pandemic isn’t over yet and it will end the sooner the better we stick to the rules. Just try to imagine the whole Studentendorf being put under quarantine!



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